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Customer Reviews

I had the honor of fishing with John Eggers, one of the masters of trout fishing, this past weekend down near Rochester for Fishing Minnesota's Trout Day. John is an avid trout fisherman who spends a lot of time wading the streams in search of monster trout. Whether John is guiding or just fishing with family and friends, he makes the time spent on the water enjoyable and exciting.
John also designs spinners, and might I add, after fishing this past weekend they are one of my favorite lures in my tackle box! They come in a variety of colors and a couple different sizes. Fish love these spinners! Whether you are fishing for trout, bass, pike or many other and Eggers' spinners go hand in hand. Designed with perfect precision and fine tuned like a mint condition Porsche, these spinners are a fisherman's dream.
A cast and a constant retrieve is all it takes to put these spinners into high gear. No live bait necessary, just the spinner, you, and the fish. Makes the fisherman's job easy!
Matt Johnson Outdoors
he first time out with John I caught over 50 trout. He caught 70+ and all in about 5 hours!
These Eggers Spinners are the hottest sellers in many of the shops they are in AND "hotter" than any made for all species, in my opinion.  His Monster Bow is a northern pike KILLER!
Dave Hoggard
I had the pleasure to fish with John also this weekend.
I was impressed with his knowledge of streams and trout.He knows his favorite sport very well,and I learned from the experiance.He's also a great guy to spend a day in the water with.
We used a lot of different lures to pin down what the trout wanted and I have to admitt that day they wanted those bow spinners.A gold super bow was the best lure of the day.I really liked the spinners.They give off a lot of flash,and will spin at very slow speeds.Plus with the triple grip hooks on them once you get a fish on they are going to have a very tough time throwing the spinner.I am going to try them on other species as well.So far I know that trout eat them up as well as smallies,and even redhorse actually will strike them.
Dennis Steele
I'm also a believer in Johns spinners after having been out with him a couple weeks ago.
Those spinners were dynamite.
Well this sounds promising! I just bought one of each, Monster, Super, and Big Bow.
I hadn't read this post yet, when I bought them. They just looked great! So now I know I got a great product, and can't wait to use them!
Lucky Fish
Decided to try out some of smtroutchasers Super Bow spinners today. Switched back and forth between Rapalas, Rebel Wee Rs, and the Super Bows. On this day the Super Bows kicked my beloved Rapalas butt. I think “chaser” is really on to something with the bigger blade on his spinner. For that heavy of a spinner you can fish it incredibly slow in the current. Because of the weight it casts easily also. Any of you trout fisherman out their who have not tried this spinner do yourself a favor, order one today!
Caught around 30 trout today with the biggest going 21 inches. Water was a little murky today. It will be interesting to see how the Super Bow performs on clear water.

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I’ve been a dedicated user of your spinners for going on almost 2 years since the 5 years I’ve become a Driftless Trout Bum.


Your Gold/Silver combo spinner delivered as it did last year at the exact same time period of late May to early June. I really appreciate how you very accurately say when time of year to use each lure, the best conditions, as well as the natural bait it imitates.


I went up to Wisconsin this weekend for my first ever trip out of Northeast Iowa and the fishing was so much better objectively I don’t think I will be fishing Iowa much longer anymore.


Attached hereto is a photo of my pb brown trout with specs of: 23 inches, 70 inches girth, and nearly 6 pounds.


Thanks again for your excellent craftsmanship and knowledge in angling!

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