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All NEW - Announcement Spinners
NEW It's a Boy!  It's a Girl!Order Pink or Blue Super Bow spinners  in a special labeled package that proclaims  "It's a Boy" or "It's a Girl" on the one side of  the label and a picture of the baby with name and birth information on the other side. Can be customized for any special occasion or event. Contact John. Sold in lots of 12.
SUPER BOW SPINNER available in all 14 color patterns.
Single or treble hook

A whole lot larger than what most anglers are accustomed to using for trout, the Super Bow was designed by John Eggers, a diehard spinner fisherman with over 40 years of  personal research into getting the perfect size and weight of spinner that proved to produce the largest quantities of trout ever caught! Then, Mr. Eggers used his 35+ years experience as a Tool & Die Machinist to fit all components together with watch-like precision and perfect balance. Blades are plated with real Copper, GOLD and SILVER.  All components are machined here in Minnesota, either by us or another shop for us, using only the best American-made materials. All hooks are hand formed by Eggers making the Super Bow spinners 100% AMERICAN MADE.  Finally all spinners are personally hand assembled by John Eggers.

BABY BOW SPINNERS 1/16th oz. Available in all 14 color patterns, Treble hook only.

Made to fill the needs of Fly and Ultra-lite anglers the Baby Bow is about the tiniest spinner you'll find. And though its small it still has all the precision and balance of its larger brother. I feel that you'll catch many more Trout using the Super Bow size, but if your thing is ultra-lite gear than this Baby is the right choice for you!

I recommend 4lb test line or smaller for best results. 100% Made in USA

Magnum Bow Spinner.
Available in all 14 color patterns.
Single or treble hook


Same size blade and over twice the body size and weight as the SUPER BOW, to go down deep with maximum flash.  Price is $7.00 each.

Single Hook
Treble Hook
Available in all 14 color patterns.
Single hook.


Say GOODBYE to Windknots, Birdnests, Tangles and Twists, and say HELLO to more TROUBLE-FREE hours of fish catching casts, while using any line.

Forget about clunky swivels and leaders.

No more cutting off half of your expensive line due to an impossible tangle.

Spend more time catching and less time trying to untangle line.

HEY! You can even slow troll with it.  


Price is $7.00 Each.

The new KILTS Replacable skirt/tail

The new Kilt is a combination Holographic Mylar Skirt and Bucktail. The super-Productive Kilt, is replaceable and comes standard on all Monster Bow Spinners. Must be ordered separate for Cross Bow spinners.

These new Kilts come complete with either Treble or Specially formed XO Single Hook and split ring for easy, Fast attachment.

NOTE: single hook Kilts work well by themselves as Fly-Fishing streamers.

Monster Bow Spinner
Available in 8 color patterns.
Single or treble hook.

Now With Replaceable Kilts and hooks!


Like all Bow Series Spinners, the Monster Bow has been engineered and designed with selected components that match and work together with great precision.  All blades are plated with real gold, silver, and copper, and then coated with a tough clear protective layer to maintain reflective quality.  The new design has the All New Kilt attached to the hook. 


The new design also allows you to change styles of hooks, as well as styles of the new Kilt, quickly and easily at home or in the field.


The Monster Bow is dynamite on Pike, Muskie and Bass and is a great choice of crank bait for large predators.


NOTE: Replacement Kilts and hooks are available here on site.

Single Hook
Treble Hook
with Eggers Extreme Offset Single hook.

The Cross-Bow Spinner. as seen in "IN-FISHERMAN's 2018 Pike & Muskie guide edition"

Often due to the short growing seasons, monster Pike of the far north are used to eating smaller prey.

The CROSS-BOW spinner is designed to be the perfect match that mimics the size and flash to get the attention of  these giant predators'.

If you are planning a Fly-In fishing adventure, You need to include a CROSS-BOW spinner in your fishing arsenal. 

The Cross-Bow Spinner will be made to your specifications, just place in order "from eye to hook" the color of blades you want. Example: Gold blade over Copper  blade, with a Silver body would be G/C/S.  (blades and bodies are available in Silver, Gold and Copper colors only).

$8.00 Each

LONG BOW SPINNER !/2oz. Keeled head, goes deep, doesn't twist line.
available in three patterns, with bait holder single hook.

The Long Bow Spinner (vertical & bottom bouncing action for Walleye, Lake Trout) The ATV of Crankbaits. The Long Bow glows in the dark and because of its weighted head, it starts its spinning action the instant it hits the water! Bass and Pan fish often strike the Long Bow while it is sinking, so many times you have a fish on before you have a chance to crank the reel. No matter how deep the water, the Long Bow generates its own action so you can let it fall all the way to the bottom and bounce it up and down, (just like a jig). It is fantastic for Walleye and Lake Trout, works well for Ice Fishing, and is even a great Catfish lure!

When this spinner enters the water, the cupped head makes a nice "blooping" sound that attract Bass like a dinner bell.The Long Bow can be buzzed across the surface, slow trolled, or you can put it on a "long pole" and vertical fish it in the pockets of dense weed beds. It is the only bait you need for "fly-ins", the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, or a little night time casting. 


The Long Bow comes standard with bait holder single hook, so you can tip it with bait if you want, it comes with real Gold, Silver or Copper plated Blades, and from hook to eye it is 100% AMERICAN MADE.   (This product contains lead).Day or night, anywhere the fish can go, so can a LONG BOW!   $7.00 Each

Available in three colors, with bait-holder single hook.

The Hole-Bow Spinner, The ice fisherman's secret weapon.

Having the same vertical and horizontal versatility as the Long-Bow, but in a much smaller design, the incredible Hole-Bow spinner is much more suitable for Ice fishing as well as summer time pan-fishing.


The tiny Hole-Bow weighs in at about 1/16th of an ounce. The head and body beads glow in the dark making it a fantastic low-light and night-time lure. From trout and crappie, to bass, walleye and pike, the fantastic Hole-bow has proven itself extremely productive on all game fish all year long.  Price is $4.75 Each.

Black Lightening
Black Lightening
Black Pearl
Black Pearl
Golden Rainbow Treble Hook
Golden Rainbow
"L" Bow
Price $6.00 each
L BOW.jpg
The Quiver, the shirt-pocket Spinner organizer.
Now Available
Quiver Multi.jpg
Official Logo Cap
$18.00 Each
Eggers Cap Front.jpg
Eggers Cap Back.jpg
Official Jacket - $95.00 Each
Eggers Jacket Front.jpg
Eggers Jacket Back.jpg
Custom orders and special payment option.
To make special orders or have custom spinners made to your own personal requirements. First contact the Spindoctor and get the total cost, than use the buttons below to make your purchase. Thank you.
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